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The upcoming Board of Directors Meeting and Annual Meeting will be held on October 30th, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The meetings will be held at Kingdom Management's Offices, located at 12192 Beach Blvd. Ste.5 , Jacksonville FL  32246. Pizza and Soda will be provided.


Did you know?

If you see any dead trees bordering your property lines, please notify the owner of the surrounding property to have them removed. If you see a dead tree in a common area, please notify your property manager, Mrs. Sherrie Jarnu at MRSJ@KingdomManagement.com.

Please know that if trees are growing in your airspace, property owners may trim and cut these trees, branches, and limbs themselves. Should a live tree fall onto your property, you are responsible for having it removed. You may wish to contact your homeowners insurance company should this occur.

Thank you for keeping the community safe and manicured!


  Salt Marsh Paddling Guide 

Check out this beautiful, local natural resource to explore. Click Here for more information. 


Neighborhood Guide to 
Stormwater Systems

Click Here to Download the Guide

#9PMRoutine Reminder

In the last 14 days, we have had 116 auto burglaries to unlocked vehicles. 13 firearms were stolen from these unlocked vehicles. In 2018, over 300 firearms have been stolen out of unlocked vehicles in Jacksonville, and we need your help to do three things. Please remove guns from unattended vehicles, remove valuables from your vehicles, and make sure to lock vehicle doors, especially at night.  Guns stolen out of unattended vehicles (locked or unlocked) have been in robberies, shootings, carjackings, and murders in our neighborhoods. Tell a neighbor, friend, or relative about doing the #9PMRoutine. Help us get the word out. If you see suspicious activity at any time, call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500, or 911 if it is an emergency.


Non-Emergency Zone 2 Substation


If you need police services, do not use this email. Call (904) 630-0500 (non-emergency number) or 911 (emergency number - TTY Services Available).

You can go to a sub-station for most non-emergency police services, to report a crime online, or to give crime tips.

Regency Square Location:
9501 Arlington Expressway Jacksonville, FL 32225
Phone: (904) 726-5100
Fax: (904) 726-5103
Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
Email: JSOzone2@jaxsheriff.org



A Sanitary Sewer Overflow has been reported at 12531 Cottage Hill Drive N., and is impacting nearby stormwater ponds, according to JEA. 

Be sure to avoid fishing and recreational activities near the water until further notice. 

For more information, visit jea.com/sso


Solid Waste Collection

Click here to view the new Reference Guide regarding Solid Waste Collection!

Trash Cans Should Not Be Visible from the Street

The Board would like to remind all residents that per our Covenants and Restrictions, trash cans should not be visible from the street. Please submit an ARB application if you would like to build an enclosure for your trash cans. (See Neighborhood > Documents or Request from Kingdom Management.)


Attention residents, due to the upsurge in vehicle break-ins over the past several weeks, you are urged to exercise caution at all times. It is highly recommended that you remove all valuables from your vehicle, especially when parked overnight. Please report any suspicious activity to local authorities.

Did you know...

 Harbor Winds has JSO security that patrols our neighborhood? Security presence deters criminals and limits general misconduct throughout the community. Reach out to your local officer to voice any concerns and receive tips on how to stay proactive and alert.


Take a look at these simple and easy tips to make sure you're recycling effectively! 



AT&T has a project planned to upgrade their existing facilities at Harbor Winds.  The work will be to convert their existing outdated facilities with new state of the art communications facilities allowing for higher internet speeds and more features for residents.  No existing service will be disturbed.  The project will require some digging and the installation of new, smaller terminals (8” x 8” approximately 16” high).  All restoration is guaranteed by AT&T.  Attached is a list of frequently asked questions I believe may be helpful to explain what AT&T will be doing.  Door hangers will be placed on residents doors prior to construction.  The door hanger will have the name and contact information for the construction company should any restoration be required.

Click here to view the list of frequently asked questions.

Click here to view the message from AT&T.



Bulky waste will be picked up on the same day as your scheduled recycling day. You no longer need to call the City for bulky waste pickups. Simply place your bulky waste items next to your recycle cart for pickup on your scheduled recycling collection day. Note that bulky waste includes furniture, mattresses, carpet, and other household items too large to fit inside your garbage cart.

Bulky waste does NOT include tires or appliances, which require a special request for pick-up by calling 630-CITY (2489).

Household hazardous waste is NOT collected curbside; please call 630-CITY (2489) for facility locations that accept household hazardous waste.


Please remember that approval from the Architectural Review Board is REQUIRED, before you make any changes to the exterior of your property. The law allows the Board 30 days to respond to your application, so please plan your project accordingly. You can find the ARB approval request form here.

Harbor Winds is a deed-restricted community. The purpose of the ARB process is to ensure that our community remains harmonious and beautiful, which protects the financial investment we have all made in our homes. 

Parking in the Street

Your own garage or driveway is the best place for your vehicle, but if you must park on the street, please learn the important rules for doing so legally.

  • There should be 9 feet of clearance between cars, so do not park directly across from another car.
  • Always park in the direction of traffic.
  • Do not park within 50 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Do not park within 30 feet of an intersection--measured from stop sign bar line.
  • Click HERE to see full list of COJ street parking rules.

Door-to-Door Ministry in Harbor Winds

Harbor Winds has been informed by legal counsel for the Jehovah's Witnesses that since they do not seek contributions or engage in sales activity, a "no soliciting" policy does not apply to their ministers. The letter states, in part, "As the streets within your association are public, Jehovah's Witnesses are permitted to go from door to door to engage in their constitutionally protected free speech activity." Please see the full letter here.

This applies to the community as a whole. However, you as an individual homeowner have the right to place a small sign on or near your door stating "No Jehovah's Witnesses" or "No Religious Agents." Visitors are required to respect your individual sign, or they may be charged with trespassing.

Shared Lane Markings for Bikes

Biking is a popular form of both exercise and transportation in our community!
It's vital that bikers and motorists alike understand the safety rules for lane sharing.

Click here to read more.

The City of Jacksonville uses Napa Premium Oil Absorbent

100% Granula Diatomite Absorbent Part #8822 to remove oil stains. If you have any stains marring the appearance of your driveway, give this product a try! 

Seek ARB Approval Before Removing Trees

Per the Covenants and Restrictions of our community, all exterior changes to the property are subject to approval by the Architectural Review Board. This includes the mass removal of trees. ARB applications can be found in the Documents section of this website, or contact Kingdom Management at ARB@KingdomManagement.com.

Wonderwood Drainage Project

FDOT is replacing drainage structures and pipes beneath the road along Wonderwood from I-295 to the Intracoastal Waterway. To learn more about how this will affect you and your commute, click here.

Watering Announcement

Adjust sprinklers to one day a week on November 3rd, the start of Eastern Standard Time. Home properties that end in an odd number or with no address can irrigate on Saturday and those with even addresses on Sunday. Nonresidential properties are on Tuesday.

Rules to Remember for
Shrubs, Fences, and Satellite Dishes

Click Here to read

Florida Friendly LanscapingTM Program

Click Here for more info 

 ALERT - Vehicle Break-Ins

The River Point neighborhood experienced a few vehicle break-ins last night. Three incidents were reported: one on Rush Creek Drive West, High Brook Court and Panther Ridge Court.

Our community police officer asked us to re-itteriate the importance of locking all doors, making sure there is nothing left inside and to remove the garage door opener from your car.

If you had this unfortunate incident happen to you, please let Kingdom Management know.

Watering Restrictions
& Tips to Conserve

Do you live near common areas or the preserve and have questions about the maintenance of those areas? Click Here for more information.

Library Launched Free Mobile App

JaxLibrary, a cross-platform mobile app provides real time access to Jax Public Library resources. Click Here to read more.

Establishing and Caring for
a St. Augustine Grass Lawn

Click Here to read the proper methods for watering, fertilizing, plugging, mowing, controlling insects and much more.

Did you Know?

Calling 811 before digging will prevent you from possibly hitting a utility service line underground. When you call, they will help locate and mark the underground lines.

City Ordinance on Soliciting

Click Here to learn more

Gardening Tips

Click Here to learn about the types of flowers, vegetables, herbs and more to plant. Also, learn how to maintain your grass so it's healthy and green.


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