Some Do’s and Don’ts of Street Parking in Jacksonville

Parking in your own garage or driveway is the best option, but if that is impossible, please observe the following rules, provided to us by a JSO Officer.


1)    Vehicles must be 500 feet from any fire hydrant.


2)    Vehicles must be 30 feet from an intersection of traffic control device (stop sign, street light, cross walk, etc.)


3)    Vehicles parked along the roadway must be within 12 inches of the curb.


4)    Vehicles must not block driveway access.


5)    No commercial vehicles (such as semi-trucks and trailers) should be in a residential neighborhood except to load and unload.


6)    Nothing other than a vehicle may be stored or kept in the roadway.


7)    Vehicles must park with, not against, the flow of traffic.


8)   All these rules apply in a cul-de-sac just as on any other road.

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